Automatic C.N.C. Turnery

Plasper s.r.l. specializes in the manufacture and wholesale of high quality metal parts for companies and commercial businesses.

Our clientele is therefore mainly made up of companies operating in the most diverse production sectors, from clothing to thermo-hydraulics, from home production to nautical technology.

Plasper offers certified quality at 360 degrees, characterized by reliability, flexibility, speed in production times and speed in delivery.

Our is engineering avant-garde, a mechanically computerized production technology.
Our production process allows us to optimize the available resources to the point of effectively reusing waste materials by redeveloping them.
We offer unique, personalized and tailor made solutions; we respond to all the special needs of our large clientele, offering customer assistance throughout all phases.

What does C.N.C. mean?

C.N.C. it is an acronym that stands for computerized numerical control.
This means that a computer performs a task through coordinates converted to numbers.
These numbers are therefore the references of the movements performed by the machines: in this way the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material.
What does C.N.C mean?
This computerized control allows the machines to perform a highly precise job, with little or no chance of error.
Obviously all this process is professionally controlled by trained and competent operators, combining human specialization and mechanical perfection.