The advantages of our production

The processes characterized by the C.N.C. technology are used in different sectors and have different

In any project the accuracy and safety of the commissioned work are guaranteed to the highest degree.

Each specification is correctly set in the software by professional operators.
The cutting and processing tools are controlled by the software, which helps to ensure the highest product
quality of the product.

These innovative and always up-to-date processes are able to respond quickly to huge workloads, making
production smooth and customers satisfied.

Moreover, these technologies allow us to work on a wide variety of materials in order to process a wide
range of materials. This means that Plasper can respond with maximum flexibility to all customer requests.

What do we produce in Plasper?

Plasper produces everything that is part of the micro-production of metal, miniatures and the like.
Any part or component requested by our customers!
We manufacture everything according to your specifications and in line with the requirements in order to
promptly deliver to you high quality metal miniatures.

Among our customers we can count companies operating in the most diverse sectors:

– furniture
– nautical
– thermohydraulics
– warehouse
– construction
– business
– mechanics
– miniatures
– fittings
– pneumatic
– hydraulics
just to name a few.

We work in detail and we sell wholesale for any company, with dynamism and flexibility.